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Punishment 6

After a couple of weeks, Kate does in fact hand me a three-sheet checklist and tells me to present it to her in two weeks. ("That does NOT mean we're having sex in two weeks," she assures me when I begin to freak out. "This is an assignment. This is a simple thing we can do. I can give you assignments and a deadline, and if you miss the deadline or don't do the assignment correctly, you'll get punished.") At least it's better than cleaning the house in nothing...unless she makes THAT a punishment.
The list actualy starts out really simple. Pretty much a list of body parts, like clinical-style: "ears", "lips", "nipples", "clitoris"...the works, basically. I check off almost all of them, seeing as how I don't really have much issue with her touching any part of me. And I trust her to make me feel good almost anywhere, but I do leave off "anus" and "feet". I don't know what she can do there, but I don't think I'm into that, at least yet. After that, it's simple kinks, like "cunnilingus", "food play", "biting", "marking", "dirty talk". I check off several of those after doing some research and making sure they're things I'd be ok with. Like, I guess the dirty talk, I'd have to see what KIND of dirty talk Kate does; apparently it differs from person to person. I leave off stuff like "humiliation" and "name-calling", because there's no way I'd ever enjoy hearing her call me names when I love her using all the cute little pet-names for me. I don't want her to be mean to me.
After that, it's the heavier stuff, and I can't seem to stop blushing as I look over these things that Kate might actually want to do to me. "Spanking", "orgasm denial", "multiple orgasms", all kinds of bondage...These sound like things I'd find on some creeper's website. "Roleplay"? What does she expect out of that?! Sexy nurse? I mean, yeah, that's what I'm studying for, but there's no way I'd be able to dress up in some slutty outfit and pretend to give her a "check-up"!

With a bright red face, but pride in my chest that I'm submitting my "assignment" on time, I hand the checklist to Kate two weeks later. I stand in front of her, messing with my fingers as she looks over the papers and nods her head, not giving me any sign that she's angry with me or disappointed that I didn't check a whole lot of things. We haven't even kissed yet, for God's sake. How am I gonna react when she wants to get to this heavy stuff?
I hold my breath when she cups my cheek, but I let it go when I feel how warm her palm is. And I close my eyes when she leans in and kisses my forehead. "Good girl. I'm very proud of you. I know it must have been embarrassing, but I know you wouldn't lie to me."
I melt against her as she presses soft, warm kisses all across my face, never once on my lips, but still enough to make me feel wonderful. "So, what now?" I mumble.
"We can wait until you're comfortable," she tells me, rubbing soothing circles into my back. "Buuut..." She pulls away and smirks. "You want your first kiss?"
I feel my cheeks flush, and I smile and nod my head, wrapping my arms around her neck. "Yes, please."
She chuckles and sets the list on the back of the couch before wrapping her arms around my waist. "Just relax, sweetheart. I'm not going farther than a kiss."
Just hearing her say it makes me feel a bit better. And when I finally feel her lips press against mine, my toes curl in my socks and the warmth in my chest feels like the fuse for fireworks to explode all the way out to my fingertips. I pull her closer and she tilts her head and our lips are a bit slanted now and it feels so GOOD. I can't even imagine what kissing her over and over like this would be like.
When she pulls away, there's a light smack of our lips separating, but the warmth in her eyes and the smile on her face is what makes me shiver. "You look so fucking cute right now, Zoe," she whispers, rubbing my cheek. "God, I don't even wanna know how cute you'll be when I'm kissing and sucking all over your gorgeous body, making you moan my name while I bring you over the edge."
I can't hold back a whimper that bubbles from my throat. If this is her giving me a taste of her "dirty talk", I wonder if she could make me come just from her words. She hums and kisses me once more, shorter, but still enough to make me feel tingles running through me.
"I-I'm pretty sure that's how a first kiss is supposed to be," I stammer when my heart sputters back to its normal rhythm.
"Aww, did you feel fireworks?" she smirks.
"Yes!" I giggle. "Didn't you with your first kiss?"
She makes a face. "Ugh, my first kiss was disgusting. The guy I was dating tried to shove his tongue down my throat and his hands were on my butt." She shudders and closes her eyes. "I gagged, and he thought I was gonna throw up. I almost did. Made the excuse that I wasn't feeling well and he took me home. Broke up with him the next day."
"Wow, that DOES sound disgusting," I frown.
She hums and nods her head before letting out a deep breath. "C'mon, my little firework," she grins. "Let's watch a movie."
"JUST watch a movie?" I smirk.
"And make kissie faces every once in a while," she adds.
"I knew it."

Finally, the semester ends, and my parents actually help me pack my things. They already knew about me being a lesbian, but I hadn't told them I'd been dating Kate until about a month before the semester was over. And when I told them I was going to move in, well, yeah, they were angry, but I think it helped calm them down with the fact that I'm living right across the street. Not like it matters since they'll still probably hardly ever see me with how often they're gone. But, I'm just glad they're somewhat accepting of me and my girlfriend. That's pretty much all that matters to me.
Once all my stuff is moved into my new room, Kate gives me some privacy to unpack, telling me it's important for me to make this my own solitary space. ("Couples don't seem to understand that private space is still important, even when you're living together.") So I spend several hours personalizing my room, organizing my books, hanging up posters, making sure my clothes are neat, and just making it feel like...home. Because that's what this place has felt like for the past six months. Somewhere I belong, with someone I love who loves me in return.
When I finally emerge from my room, I find Kate on the couch, scrolling through something on the internet. When I get closer, I find her looking at pictures of people tied up intricate knots, like I've seen on her blog.
"I-Is there a term for that?" I ask shakily.
She looks over at me and blushes, clearing her throat. "Yeah, it's called 'shibari'. It's a Japanese rope bondage technique."
I move around the arm of the couch and sit beside her, surprised at how detailed some of these patterns look. "How long does it take to tie these?!"
She laughs loudly at that, jostling her laptop. "I wonder the exact same thing every single time I see ones like these! Sometimes they come with instructions and they tell you, 'may take up to an hour and a half to tie', and I'm just sitting here thinking, 'nope, don't have the patience'."
She scrolls up and clicks on a black and white picture of a much simpler pattern, one that stretches across the chest and down one thigh. "This one I can do. It's supposed to take twenty minutes. Less, if you have most of the knots prepared beforehand."
I don't understand this. I can sort of get the handcuffs and the gags and the other stuff, but this is something different. "What's so...appealing about this? I mean, it looks kind of artistic and all, but..."
She nods her head. "It IS art to a lot of people. There are galleries that hold exhibits on this, photography and all. And I think it's beautiful, all the patterns and the way the rope forms to the curves of the body, all the different knots. And they come in all kinds of different colours!" she adds with a childish squeal.
"But, anyway, it IS a form of bondage, yes, so there's that. The knots are supposed to press on pressure points on the body. It's kind of spiritual, y'know? Helps the flow of 'chi' within the body. Thank God the Japanese are so kinky," she smirks.
I roll my eyes at her. "You're so weird."
She just snickers and kisses my temple. "You love me."
"I do," I pout. "So...yeah, 'rope bondage' was on the list, but I didn't check it 'cause I thought it would chafe my wrists."
She hums and nods her head. "I probably should've been more specific. This is what I meant. I wouldn't risk hurting you like that."
I look at more of the pictures, seeing all of the different poses and patterns of the rope. "So...if you could tie me up...which one would you use?"
She pauses, biting her lip and tapping her leg. After a minute or so, she pulls up a new tab and opens up her blog. She clicks on some tags and scrolls through some pictures before landing on another black and white picture. I flush bright red at the sight of the totally naked woman's torso. Still, nothing I haven't seen in porn, though. The rope pattern is still much simpler than the others, and it still wraps around the breasts, but this one hooks underneath the groin, on each side of the outer labia. At least it doesn't look like it's digging into the skin or something. But, wow, Kate actually wants to tie ME up like that?
"I love the simplicity of this one," Kate says, startling me out of my thoughts. "There are so many that are just so complicated and made to be suspended that it's almost impossible to find large ones like this that don't require hooks or something."
"'Hooks'?" I repeat, my voice shaky even to my own ears.
She nods her head. "You saw all the ones where the models were hanging? They were suspended on hooks. It's really popular nowadays. Especially in the art galleries. But I wouldn't do that to you. I wanna touch you."
I smile to myself at that, still more than pleased that she actually wants to touch me. "Can this...can this ever get dangerous?"
"Yes," she replies honestly. "If you're bound for too long, or too tightly, it can restrict blood flow. And the rope can still leave marks. There's cream involved for aftercare that you rub on your skin that helps get rid of the marks right away if that happens. Ice also helps."
"You really know your shit," I grin.
"I'm a good dom," she smiles proudly, kissing the top of my head.
"Have you done this before?" I ask. "The rope bondage?"
She nods her head. "Went to a BDSM club a town over that holds shibari shows, where you can sit down and watch groups perform. Really it's just couples tying each other up, but it's interesting to watch the process. So I got really into it and got into some classes, learned the basics, learned some beginner's knots. Eventually moved onto tying simple shibari, liiike," she starts, setting her laptop aside and taking my wrists, holding them so they're restricted, "hands and wrists. Then I moved onto arms." Her hands move up to my forearms. Goosebumps rise on my skin as she whispers in my ear, "Finally, I got to move onto the chest." Thankfully, she doesn't move up further, just wraps her arm around my waist. "We got to practice in pairs, and my partner had a small chest and didn't really feel comfortable when we got to that part. I tried to keep making jokes to make her feel better, especially given the fact that she was gonna be doing the exact same shibari on me and my giant chest," she snorts. "It was awesome, though, when I finally got it right; it looked AMAZING. And every time we stepped up and took on something even more challenging, I just wanted to get it on her as soon as possible."
"You didn't like it on you?" I interrupt.
She shrugs her shoulders. "It wasn't my cup of tea. I'm a dom, babe. I'm not supposed to be tied up. But our teacher told us doms that in order for us to pass the class, we had to understand what our subs were gonna be going through, so I took it in stride."
Again, I'm struck by how unselfish she really is. She really does care about others, and I know that she'd never put me something she wouldn't put herself through. I have a very sweet dom.
*gasp* virgin kiss!
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