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Punishment 8

"Baby, are you sure?" Kate asks me for the millionth time.
"Yes, I'm sure," I tell her with a firm nod.
Yes, I'm sure. It's been well over a month since I gave her the checklist, long since the incident with Nicole. I've done my research. We've talked. I'm comfortable with her. I'm ready.
Kate fixes me with a hard look, but nods her head, gently wrapping her arms around me and pulling me close. "You remember your safe word?"
I nod. "'Coffee'."
She smirks at that. "I love your safe word. It's so you."
I can't help but giggle. "I love my coffee."
"Yes, you do," she chuckles, leaning in to kiss me. I love her kisses, always warm, always soft. "Do you want toys this time? Or no?"
"What kind of toys?" I ask.
"For your first time, just a vibrator, maybe a strap-on later?" she suggests.
I eagerly nod my head, especially to the strap-on, looking forward to feeling her rocking with me like that. "Yes, I want that," I whimper.
She smiles and kisses me again, taking my breath away. I let her pick me up and carry me to the bed, relaxing as she simply lays on top of me and continues to kiss me, our tongues beginning to join the mix. The first time we French kissed, I almost collapsed in her arms. It felt so good. And she had to hold me up. It still feels so good. And it feels even better knowing we don't have to stop. I rat my hands in her hair and feel goosebumps rise on my skin as her hands run up and down my sides under my shirt. She doesn't make a sign to take it off, which makes me relax. It kinda feels like a sexy massage.
When she pulls away, she nips at my bottom lip and smirks. "Feel ok so far?" she asks.
"We're not even naked yet and you're asking me that?" I giggle.
She shrugs her shoulders, still rubbing my sides. "Get used to it. That's a question you'll be hearing a lot until I know your limits."
I can't help but smile up at her, any remaining anxiety unknotting in my stomach at the knowledge that I'm still at the top of her list of priorities. "I love you."
She leans down and gives me a soft but very warm kiss. "I love you, too, baby girl. You ready to get even and see ME naked?" she grins.
I giggle even louder at that. "Yes, definitely!" I've been imagining how gorgeous she is underneath all the sweats and t-shirts she wears all the time.
She sits back and winks at me, making me roll my eyes, before pulling her shirt over her head. Having changed out of her "work" clothes shortly after getting back from rehearsal, she wasn't wearing a bra beforehand, so I'm given a full view of her naked torso. Her skin is paler here than on her arms, like she has a softer version of a farmer's tan. Her breasts look just as big as they do when they're in a t-shirt, her nipples a light pink and very soft-looking. She has beauty marks in various places like she does on her face and arms.
"You're so beautiful," I find myself saying, itching to find out if her skin is as soft as it looks.
She flushes and tilts her head down. "Aww, thank you, sweetheart. You're even MORE beautiful," she smiles, tickling my sides.
I squeak and push her hands away. "'Tickling' wasn't on the list!"
She throws her head back and laughs. "No, it wasn't! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! Hold on, I still need to make it even." She moves up onto her knees and pushes down her light blue pyjama pants, along with her orange panties. I hold my breath and stare between her legs. It's not the first time I've seen another woman naked; I've watched porn, and I've had sleepovers where we changed in front of each other, the same goes for locker rooms, and c'mon, I'm gonna be a nurse. But this is Kate. This is the woman I love. And she's naked right in front of me. She obviously takes care of her pubic hair; doens't shave it enough to be hairless, but enough for me to consider it healthy -and enough that I'd totally be comfortable going down on her if she wanted me to. And she has stretch marks around her thighs, probably from weight gain and loss throughought her teenage years. I kind of like that she has those. Like they're signs that she's not perfect either. God, she's gorgeous.
She smiles even wider down at me. "You wanna touch, honey?"
I flush at her question, but I really do wanna touch her, so I nod my head. She gently takes my hands and lifts them to her shoulders. Her skin is warmer than the sun, and when she glides our hands down her chest, I get to feel how soft it is, like satin. She cups my hands to her breasts; I can't even fit them in my palms. I squeeze them a little and watch her face as her back arches a little, her eyes closing as she hums.
"Does that...feel good?" I ask her.
She nods her head, smiling down at me. "Rub my nipples with your thumbs," she tells me softly. I do as she says, gently rubbing my thumbs over her nipples in small circular motions until they peak. I bite my lip and hold my breath when she actually moans a little.
But only a second later, she's pulling my hands away. "Later, I'll lay back and let you have your way with me. But right now, you deserve to be ravished."
I swallow to wet my throat, but I know she'll stop if I want her to, and that knowledge helps me relax. "What should I do?"
She leans down and kisses me, slow and deep and warm. All the tension in my body just melts away as she goes back to rubbing up and down my sides. When she pulls away after who knows how long, my face is flushed. "You feel ok with taking these off?" she asks, running her fingers over my shirt and jeans. Reminding myself it's nothing she hasn't seen before, I nod my head.
She kisses me, probably to distract me as she takes off my clothes, only pausing to pull my shirt over my head. I shiver when I feel her unclasp my bra and slide it off my shoulders. She makes quick work of unzipping my jeans and pushing them and my panties down my legs. I shiver again at the chill of the open air before she fits herself between my legs. She's so warm that it's impossible to be cold now. And I shudder for an entirely different reason now: I can feel every inch of her silky smooth skin against me, and it feels so GOOD to feel her this close to me.
When she pulls away from me, I whimper at the loss of her tongue. And she has the gall to chuckle. "I'm going to kiss you other places now," she simply tells me, and before I can say anything else, her mouth is on my neck. The shocks that get sent straight between my legs make me gasp, and when I feel her suck on my skin, I can't hold back a moan. She doesn't bother to make a comment, just moves even farther down my neck, kissing and sucking and probably leaving little red marks here and there.
When she finally pulls back, she looks down at me with what I can only imagine is pride. "God, you're already so beautiful, Zoe. And now you're getting so flushed and I haven't even really started." She quickly ducks back down and runs the flat of her tongue from the base of my throat to my earlobe in one swipe. My hips arch into hers as I let out an embarrassing whine, thousands of pleasing tingles dancing through my system. "And you're so sensitive," she whispers right in my ear, making me shiver. "I just wanna spoil the Hell out've you. See how many times I can make you come in one night."
I can already feel my core aching for her. "Please, Kate," I whimper, pulling on her hair.
"'Please', what, baby? Use your words," she smiles.
"Please touch me!" I beg.
"Touch you where?" Her hands spread my legs a little further, and I can't hold back from gasping as she rubs her hips against mine. "Want me to touch you here, baby?"
"Yes," I moan. I can feel the slight scractchiness of her pubic hair only adding friction as she grinds against me. Her labia are warm and slick and feel amazing. (And we've both already been tested, so we don't have to worry about anything.)
"You want the vibrator now, sweetheart?" Kate asks me.
I shake my head. "I want...I want the s-strap-on."
I can see her smile soften before she kisses me. "Ok, honey. I'm gonna need to stretch you first, ok?"
I just nod my head, wanting nothing more than to have her inside me already. I watch as she reaches into her bedside table and pulls out a small round container. "Is that...lube?"
She nods her head. "I like this better than tubes 'cause I can just stick my fingers in instead of having to spread it around and get my other hand sticky." She unscrews the lid and sets it on the table, placing the jar beside my hip and sticking her finger inside, swirling it around to get it nice and slick. "Zoe, you tell me if it ever hurts, all right?"
"Ok," I breathe, just wanting her to get inside.
At first, she just rubs her finger around my entrance, just getting me relaxed. Even just this has me moaning, and Kate chuckles. "You're so pretty here, baby. So pink. Just relax. I'll take care of you." Then her finger is inside me, only up to the first knuckle, but it's inside me, and I want more. She slowly pulls her finger out, and just as slowly pushes it back in, this time a little further. She does this over and over until her whole finger is thrusting inside of me and I'm squirming for more. "I know, baby, I know. But I need to take this slow so I don't hurt you. I'm gonna move onto two now, ok?"
"Please," I beg.
She pulls her finger out and now covers two in the lube. "This is gonna sting," she warns me. She starts off with just one finger again, and I whimper in frustration. "Shh, here comes the next one." I feel the second finger nudge alongside the first, and when she thrusts back in, I hiss as it slips in, too.
"Ow," I mutter.
"Hurts?" she asks, stopping, but not pulling out.
I shake my head. "Just...stings, like you said."
"Have you ever fingered yourself before?" she asks bluntly.
"No," I admit. "I was always afraid that if I put anything in there that it would start bleeding."
"That you would break your hymen," she smiles softly. "Some girls don't bleed at all. I didn't. And it doesn't look like you are, either. That's good. It means it'll be a lot less painful."
That makes me relax a million times more. "Awesome. Now get to it."
She snorts. "Yes, little miss bossy."
I throw my head back and groan as she wiggles her fingers. I can tell she trimmed her nails so as not to hurt me as she scrapes against my walls, and it feels amazing every time she stops wiggling and does nothing but thrusts in and out, especially when she does it really fast.
"You like that, baby?" she smiles, kissing my collarbone.
"Mm-hm," I hum.
"You'll like this better." She curls her fingers and starts to rub my walls, and yes, that feels really good. But then she rubs something that makes me see stars, my whole body tingling.
"W-What the hell?" I gasp. But then she does it again, harder, and I cry out and feel my hips push down to try and get closer to that incredible feeling.
"That's your G-spot," she grins, back to stretching me. "Feels even better than your clit, doesn't it? I'm gonna torture you with it one day. Not today though. Today, you deserve to feel good."
With that, she leans down to run the flat of her tongue across my left nipple. My back arches at the sudden warmth of her tongue, followed by the cool left behind when it's gone. I feel so sensitive. It's almost ridiculous. And she just keeps doing it, running her tongue over my nipple, sometimes circling it and tracing it with the tip of her tongue, her fingers still alternating between thrusting and stretching me. It's already so good! But then she's sucking my nipple into her intensely hot mouth and one of my hands knots in her hair. I can feel my legs trembling, but I don't think I can make any sounds besides moans and whimpers.
She pulls off of my nipple with a loud pop that makes me flush. Her lips look even darker than usual, her eyes almost like a big cat about to pounce on her prey. I shiver at the reminder of what my place is. And I suddenly understand that I do want this dynamic of our relationship: for her to dominate me; to make me feel wanted and desired and to take control and to look at me and only me like that.
Then her face softens again, her eyes warming as she leans down to gently kiss me. "Feel ok enough for the third?" It takes me a second to understand what she's asking, but then I'm quickly nodding my head. "This one's gonna be really uncomfortable," she warns me, pulling out and wetting her fingers once more before slipping the first two back in. "You tell me if it hurts, remember?"
I nod my head. I know she won't be mad at me. I feel the third finger nudge at my entrance, and I try to relax as much as I can. It helps when she sucks on my other nipple and begins to rub at that fucking amazing spot inside me again. I hardly tell when her third finger slides in until I feel the intense burning sting of being stretched so far.
"Ow! Stop!" I whimper, tears filling my eyes.
"Do you want me to pull out?" she asks me.
I shake my head. "Just...d-don't move."
She doesn't. She stays perfectly still and whispers to me how much of a good girl I'm being, telling her that I'm in pain, how brave I'm being right now. I soak up her praise like a sponge. And after a few minutes, I don't feel the burn as much. I clench a little and wince at how much I can actually FEEL that she has three fingers inside of me, but it definitely doesn't hurt as bad, so I tell her to go ahead. She waits another minute or so, leaning down to kiss me before she continues to stretch me. It definitely is uncomfortable now, with so many fingers and the burn just a hair's breath away. But it feels kind of good, to be so full, to have a bit of her inside me, touching my most intimate places and making me feel good. Just the thought has me relishing her attention.
"Such a good girl, baby," she coos, kissing my neck. "So warm and wet and GOOD. Fuck, the things I wanna do to you. Might not ever gag you; you're makin' the best sounds." Her fingertips brush against that SPOT and make me arch off the bed, a loud whine escaping me. She chuckles and whispers in my ear, "And, God, you look so gorgeous, all flushed and open like this. Can't wait to tie you up and have you at my mercy. Gonna make you scream my name."
I can barely think, between her fingers and her voice and her mouth. It's
"K-Kate, pl-please," I beg, my fingers digging into her shoulder. "Need you."
She tries to pacificy me with a deep, moist kiss, more tongue than lips, but it only makes me want her more. I don't register that her fingers are gone until I feel how empty inside I am. I watch as Kate climbs off the bed, leaving me feeling chilly without her immense heat, and looks around in a dark red plastic tub that's been placed beside the bed. She stands with a series of black straps in her hands. I watch, intrigued, as she steps into them and hooks them around her hips and upper thighs. Then she bends back down and retrieves a light purple dildo, which she straps onto the contraption around her hips, giving her the illusion of her having a cock. Oh, so that's how it works.
She climbs back up on the bed and reaches back into the bedside table, and my eyes widen when she pulls out a green condom. She smirks down at me as she opens the package. "It makes it easier to clean up," she explains as she rolls it onto the dildo.
"Oh," is all I can say to that as she takes more lube and slicks her "cock".
She wipes her hand on a towel, takes a pillow from beside my head and slips it underneath my hips, and leans over me. Her hair dangles over me and makes her look like those jellyfish she loves so much, but her eyes still make her look like a big cat. She looks so majestic and intimidating and I feel like something incredible under her gaze, like a work of art.
"Please, Kate," I whisper, wrapping my arms around her.
She kisses me once more, so softly that I feel like my insides are melting. "I'll go slow, ok?" When I nod, she reaches down, and I feel the head of the dilo rub against my entrance. I take slow breaths and try to focus on Kate's intense eyes as she starts to push into me. I now understand why she took her time stretching me with three fingers: the dildo is big and it hurts even more. But I bite my lip and grip her shoulders as she continues pushing in.
And then I feel her lips against my ear. "I'm in, baby. You did such a good job, staying relaxed." I can't help but smile at her praise. "I'm gonna give you a couple minutes to get used to this, ok? Try clenching and relaxing."
I do as she says, wincing every time I feel how full I am with her inside me. But as time passes, I can tell that my body is getting used to her, and I can't help but feel proud of myself for not freaking out. "I'm ready," I tell her.
"Yeah?" she smiles, tickling my side.
I squeak and swat her hand away. "No tickling!"
She chuckles and smothers my cheeks with kisses. "Yup, you're ready. Hold onto me, baby."
I nod and hold her shoulders tighter, and I gasp when she almost pulls out all the way before slowly pushing back in. At first, it feels kind of weird, especially since I was so used to her fingers, but I can feel her hips against mine again and there's something really satisfying about feeling her rocking against me, our bodies rubbing together as she kisses me and thrusts faster.
"Feel all right?" she asks me.
I nod my head and rat my hands in her hair. "'m all right."
She smirks. "Good. 'Cause now I'm gonna find your sweet spot again." She sits back and pulls my left leg over her shoulder, changing the angle of my hips, and thrusts upward, and I make a sound I'm pretty sure no one's ever made before as my body shakes from the shocks that rock through my system from that one hit to that one damn spot. "There it is," she smiles, turning her head to nip at the inside of my thigh, and that only makes the shocks radiate right back between my legs where she's back to thrusting.
Now every time she pulls out, the head of her "cock" rubs against that spot and sends bursts of electricity from my fingertips to my toes. Every inch of me feels like it's catching fire, my mind is turning to mush, and all I can do is moan Kate's name as she speeds up.
"So beautiful, baby," she tells me, leaning down and kissing me, roughly biting my lip and sucking on it to soothe it after. "Gonna come for me, baby girl? Hm? Gonna come on my cock like a good little girl?"
I grab her shoulders and cry out as she thrusts hard against that sweet spot, making me see stars for a few seconds. "Please, Kate! Wa-Wanna come!"
"All right, sweet girl." She wraps her arms under me, lifting my hips a bit more, and the angle has her hitting that fucking spot over and over and I can't do anything but hold onto her and wrap my free leg around her waist and just feel nothing but heat and electricity and sparks as they rush through me.
"Kate! Kate! Ah! Ahh! Kate!! Ahhh!" I cry as everything just seems to condense and explode and all I feel is GOOD and KATE. My whole body feels hot and tingly and alive and filled with her. I just want to be a part of her and never be separated.
It takes me a few seconds to feel that she's slowing down to a stop and pushing my hair away from my face and neck. Her face is red, her curls sweaty, but she still looks amazing as she smiles down at me. "Hey, sweetheart. You feel ok?"
I weakly nod my head, feeling like I need a looong nap. "Tired," I mumble.
She chuckles and leans down to press a light, lazy kiss to my lips. "I know, sweetie. Lemme pull out and getcha cleaned up."
I feel boneless as she leans back and carefully pulls out of me, but I notice that she groans as she does so. Then I realize that I've been completely selfish. "K-Kate, what about you?"
She smiles and shakes her head. "I can take care of myself, baby. This was about you. Trust me, it'll take me two minutes to come after seeing you like this."
A lone shiver runs down my spine at that. "I wanna see," I find myself saying.
She pauses and swallows. But then she grins. "All right." I watch as she unhooks the dildo and takes off all the straps, setting both down on the bed beside her. She gives me an unreadable look before reaching forward and sticking her finger inside me again, just enough to get it wet. "No sense in letting this go to waste," she smirks when I pout at her.
Then she leans back and spreads her legs, revealing her dark pink labia. With her index and ring finger, she spreads herself, and with her middle finger, she rubs her swollen clit. When she closes her eyes and moans in relief, I can't look away. She obviously knows exactly what to do to bring herself over the edge. Within a minute, she's biting her lip and trembling and then she's throwing her head back and gasping and she's much quieter than I was, but she's amazing to watch.
When she brings herself back, she grabs her towel and wipes her finger. "Whew! Ok, now it's clean-up time," she sighs with a smile. She crawls over and gives me a quick kiss before getting to work. She takes off the condom from the dildo and throws it away, tossing the dildo and the straps back into the tub and putting the tub into her closet. Then she goes across the hall and returns with two warm washcloths. I lay back and relax as she gently cleans me first, wiping away all the lube from my entrance with such tenderness that I can hardly believe she's mine. And when she quickly cleans herself up and tosses the washcloths into the hamper in the corner, all I want is for her to hold me and kiss me until I fall asleep. And it's like she reads my mind, because the next thing I know, she's carefully rolling me so she can wrap her arms around me and kiss my forehead, my cheeks, my nose, and finally my lips. And I feel so safe in her arms, like nothing in the world can touch me while I'm here. I've never fallen asleep faster.
yassss! Finally!!! I spent so long on this chapter!
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